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We’re back!

After a crazy month at the world’s largest Arts Festival, we’ve returned to London to recover. We’ve caught up on sleep, worked through the obligatory post-fringe flu, given our liver a rest, and adjusted to life without a rainbow of lanyards.

It was a mad month, but since so many people couldn’t make it up to Edinburgh, we thought we’d give a quick update/recap on how it all went… the ups and the downs.

We also have some lovely new photos from Richard Davenport, so if you’re not interested in the text, just scroll through those!

Desdemona (Helen Coles) in Smooth Faced Gents' all-female Othello. Photo: Richard Davenport.

We were on the front cover of The List

For all you London-lubbers, The List is the Edinburgh/Glasgow equivalent of Time Out.

After a lovely interview with Gareth Vile, their theatre editor, he casually mentioned the next weeks’ issue had just gone to print, and suggested we might want to look out for a copy.

Fast forward three days, and we woke up to this:

Smooth Faced Gentlemen on the front cover of The List magazine

…with three further pictures inside, alongside a lovely article. We were doubly lucky with the timing of publication, which meant the issue was around for almost half the Festival.

Smooth Faced Gentlemen featured in the The List magazine

We had to cancel some shows after a horrid injury

The most unfortunate point in the tour came towards the end, when one of our actors suffered a very nasty burn, spilling almost two litres of freshly boiled water directly onto her lap.

As you can imagine, she was in worlds of pain. But the whole team were right there with her, helping her through.

We ended up cancelling eight performances in total. But a few days of rest post-festival and she’s healed well.

Thanks for all your well-wishes and messages of support on twitter!

Othello & Iago prepare for the eavesdropping scene. Photo: Richard Davenport

We were on the BBC

We appeared on BBC2’s Edinburgh Nights, part of a feature on female roles onstage.

We had some lovely reviews

Smooth Faced Gentlemen's all-female Othello - reviews

The most frequently occurring words in our reviews…

In terms of critical response, this was far-and-away our most successful year ever, with some really wonderful and thoughtful reviews, and a veritable galaxy of stars (well, 93½, but who’s counting…?)

Praise for Othello: an all-female production by Smooth Faced Gentllemen

We made some videos

Including our brand-spanking-new Trailer:

A quick look at the Titus cleanup:

And some other promos:

We had loads of great press and appearances

As well as The List and the BBC, we were also invited back onto Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe (such a lovely guy), and appeared on oh-so-many podcasts (five at last count).

We had an amazing audience

We sold a little over target (excluding the cancelled days of course), and we had such a wonderful crowd in. The feedback was phenomenal and humbling. We’ll post some photos of our feedback book at a later date.

The is one of the reasons we love the Edinburgh Fringe – the audiences are wonderful, and that’s vital to developing new work.

The Bar Brawl. Photo: Richard Davenport

We went to A&E three times

The boiling water incident wasn’t the only case of misfortune this fringe.

Our lovely ASM injured her ankle on our day off. What’s worse, it was her birthday that day (and, before you ask, she was stone-cold-sober). Luckily, it wasn’t broken, but it did take four hours of waiting overnight in A&E to figure that out. On her birthday.

And then, our poor Production Manager was struck down with a suspected case of gastrointestinitis, completing the hat-trick of visits.



Finally… we’re very pleased to announce, after its success at Edinburgh, Othello is transferring back to Greenwich Theatre in October!

We’ll be there 20th-24th Octoberfive performances only! This could be your last chance to see the show for a couple of years, or maybe forever, so check out smoothfacedgentlemen.com/shows/othello for more information!

That’s it…

As you can see, it was a successful but very busy festival. We love the Fringe, but we’re glad to be back home. Now, we’re straight back into rehearsals for our October Tour of Othello.

If you saw Othello before the fringe, or early on, do come by and let us know what you think of how its changed. And if you missed it… now you have no excuse!

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Smooth Faced Gents meeting an audience hungry for Shakespeare at the Edinburgh Fringe