Whatever your interest in the arts, whether you’re an actor, designer, stage manager, avant-garde composer, director, producer, copy-writer or artisan bread-maker, we’re always looking for new collaborators.

Feel free to drop us an email.

Actors – please include a spotlight link, rather than attaching a CV and headshot, and send your message through to casting@smoothfacedgentlemen.com. Anyone else – a CV will do nicely, or a link to your work, and use work@smoothfacedgentlemen.com.

We try and list our current/most recent opportunities below, but it’s always worth keeping your eye on our blog and our facebook.

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We tend to put out castings on Casting Call Pro and Spotlight, as well as advertise them on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. The number one way to ensure you don’t miss one, though, is to sign up to our newsletter.

We welcome emails from actors who are interested in our work. When we’re not casting, an invitation to see you in action would be great, or just a message to say hi. We can’t always reply to everyone, but we do when we can, and we appreciate them all the same!

Whether or not we reply to you – or even if we come and see you and love your performance – this doesn’t automatically enter you into the next casting, so if you’re interested make sure you get in touch then.

When we are casting, if you want to send a friendly email in support of your application, maybe drawing our attention to some of your relevant experience or reminding us of work we may have seen, please feel free. Just include a Spotlight Link – don’t attach a CV and headshot.

During this time, we tend to receive a lot of emails, so we can’t reply to everyone – but we will read them, and we have cast some people each time who’ve applied this way.

Having seen our work will of course give you an advantage when you can, so do check out our upcoming shows – and feel come and say hi in bar bar afterwards.

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